3 Skincare Tips To Fight The Signs Of Aging Dead In It's Tracks!

1. Wear Sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you stay out of the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. but if you can't you should always wear sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF, regardless of the weather.

2. Wear Sunglasses. This will prevent crow's feet from developing at the corner of your eyes! The skin surrounding the eye is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, it is much thinner than most other areas and is highly prone to the effects of UV radiation from the sun.

Squinting constantly in the bright sunlight will leave an impression that will be very difficult to remove in your later years.

3. Feed Your Skin By Drinking Water. Drinking plenty of water and teas high in antioxidants will keep the body's moisture level high and help you fight the battle against the wrinkles. 

The reality is that before you can address the problem of wrinkled skin you need to understand the underlying cause behind the wrinkles themselves.

Your Skin Cannot Retain Moisture!

Aging skin starts to lose its ability to hold on to moisture, makes less oil, and is slower to heal. That all contributes to the wrinkling problem.” - Dima Masahri

You can stop wrinkles by hydrating your skin as you age. One of the best ways to hydrate your skin is to use moisturizers .... but, some Moisturizers actually cause wrinkles.

Keep your skin safe by ONLY using Organic products!

Everyone knows that organic products are the way forward.  We only need to switch on the news to see horrific stories about the genetically modified everything to know that we simply can no longer trust anything that is made through processes of genetic manipulation

Not just that, we are starting to understand that products sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and other poisons are no longer fit for consumption or use either.  What's most interesting (or should I say shocking?)  is how we are supposedly able to eat or touch something that has to be sprayed by men in full protective suits, from fields with “danger to life” signs on them.

As a result, women are starting to choose organic products instead, and for good reason.  By using organic, we not only support the world as a whole, but we also actually give our skin the benefits that nature intended it to get.

It just so happens, that one of the most fantastic natural ingredients is organic honey, the main ingredient that is found in only the best of the natural anti-aging creams.

In our quest to find the greatest anti aging skin creams we came across Bee Friendly Skin Care. They are 100% organic and are Handmade by holistic beekeepers in Hawaii.

The products contain beeswax with propolis and pollen, raw Hawaiian honey, organic extra virgin olive oil and purified water, as well as essential oils and vitamin E.  It is a true delight for the skin, and one that can be used completely guilt-free as it benefits our environment and the world has a whole.  

The BeeFriendly beekeepers follow stringent standards and rules to ensure the products are completely organic and free from any chemicals or other pollutants.  It could be said that they have built a relationship with their bees, who they treat with the greatest care and attention.

The Power Of Hawaiian Honey

Extensive research exists about the benefits of each ingredient in Bee Friendly.  First, there is the Hawaiian honey, which obviously is found only in Hawaii.  Bees make honey by concentrating the nectar of various plants and flowers.  Honey has been used since time began in medical circles, including in the treatment of wounds and infections.  This is beneficial due to the fact that it contains many antioxidants.  It is also an anti-irritant that retains moisture and stimulates collagen growth

It is precisely this that makes it such an important ingredient in skin care products.  Although many celebrities use honey in their skin care regime, the most famous one of the all has to be Cleopatra, who took honey and milk baths to retain her youthful appearance.  Her ideas have now been confirmed by medical science, as we now know that it does indeed have healing properties.  In fact, it helps people with burn wounds heal twice as quickly and leaves less scar tissue than conventional treatment.

None Of Your BeesWax!

The second main ingredient in BeeFriendly is beeswax, which the bees use to create their honeycombs. In BeeFriendly’s anti-aging creams, it is the beeswax that creates a softer skin, as well as giving it protection from the elements, thereby reducing the amount of damage occurring to the skin. It is also a great moisturizer and it nourishes the cells of the skin.

The Fountain of Youth?

Within beeswax, we find propolis, which is what gives the wax its beautiful golden color.  Propolis is known for its amazing health benefits as well.  It is an anti-bacterial substance that helps the skin to heal very quickly, as well as protecting it from further damage. 

Propolis itself is a paste, and it is full of different antibodies and nutrition. Scientists have been studying its benefits for quite some time now and have concluded that the likes of Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) and the Ancient Egyptians were completely right in their prescription of propolis for healing benefits. The Egyptians actually believed it to be the fountain of youth!

Not Just Any Oil

The products also contain organic extra virgin olive oil. Women in the Mediterranean, mainly Greece and Italy, have used organic extra virgin olive oil for thousands of years, either by applying it to different parts of their bodies, or by consuming it directly. Hippocrates himself suggested that athletes use it to massage their aching limbs when they took part in the very first Olympic Games.  The Romans quickly took this part of Ancient Greek culture with them, using it in medicine, food and even sacred lamps.  Scientists have once again proven the ancient cultures right, as it has now been determined that it protects the skin, leaving it completely smooth, particularly after sun exposure.

Purified H2O

Their products also also contain purified water. This is added to make sure the product is easy to apply to the skin and so that it doesn’t harden immediately. Because it has been purified, it is completely free of all chemicals and other pollutants that are potentially damaging to the skin.

The Finishing Touches

Finally, BeeFriendly products contain essential oils and vitamin E. The oils give the product a wonderful scent and help with the absorption of the product into the skinVitamin E is the important vitamin for skin care, leaving it free from wrinkles and other age-related blemishes.

Of course, what really matters is how well BeeFriendly’s products work. Women say that they feel an almost immediate difference, with skin that is more radiant and smoother than it has ever been. After just a few weeks, noticeable lines were visibly reduced, and even the deep wrinkles were clearly starting to be affected as well. But most importantly, their skin is more healthy and alive.

The BeeFriendly creams are made weekly to maintain their freshness, so they do sell out from time to time. Check them out while they are still available.

Experts give the same basic advice for stopping wrinkles;

  1. Maintain your skin's moisture balance (use organic moisturizers)
  2. Use sunscreen daily
  3. Eat a healthy diet, and eliminate your bad eating habits.

When you are conscious of how you treat your body and you use an organic skin care regime you greatly reduce the chances of wrinkles!

Try The Organic Bee Friendly Skincare Line. You'll love it!