The Secret Ingredient From The Island Where People Forget To Die

There is a little island in the Mediterranean that some people call "the island where people forget to die". So many people there overcome illnesses and injuries and live to ripe old ages. Not just that, however, they also look incredibly well for their age.

It is no secret that the Mediterranean diet is good for you and helps the inside of your body stay happy and healthy, but how come they also have such good skin, particularly when they spend most their lives in the sun? It seems that this is because of a little-known secret ingredient.

At BeeFriendly Skincare, we have identified this secret ingredient, as well as several others, and created an all natural and mostly organic products that will allow you to have skin like the inhabitants of this island where people forget to die. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to use all natural products. Unfortunately, the majority of skin care products that are available to use have different mixtures of synthetic chemicals in them. Since the skin is actually the single largest organ in our body, it is important to treat it properly.

Each ingredient in a product - organic or not - has different abilities in terms of actually penetrating the skin. Some, and particularly the chemical ones, are able to get fully absorbed. This means that they actually reach the blood vessels and are then carried all over your body. Generally speaking, only tiny amounts of these chemicals are actually able to do so. However, as you use skin care products again and again, it accumulates and builds up and can become a problem.

In recent years, a number of cosmetic ingredients have been linked to significant health concerns. As a result, organic products are now widely accepted as the safer alternative. Additionally, those with sensitive skin or skin problems like dry skin, psoriasis or eczema find that their conditions can stabilize when they use organic, natural products.

Unfortunately, many people still stay away from all natural and organic products. It seems a key factor in making this decision is price. However, although it is certainly true that an all natural, organic product is more expensive than a synthetic copy, it is actually cheaper over time. Cyndi of BeeFriendly Skincare explains why:

"The beauty of using BeeFriendly all natural products are that they seem to last forever! Because they are all natural, with no fillers or binders the creams are very concentrated, you only need a tiny amount, less than a pea is most cases to cover your entire face and to begin to feel and see the difference!"

Going back to the secret ingredient from the island where people forget to die, however, we felt it was time that the whole world was able to enjoy these benefits. The ingredients in BeeFriendly skin care products include raw honey, beeswax, propolis and olive oil. It is no secret that raw unfiltered honey based products are incredibly good for the skin. Beekeepers in Hawaii, for instance, have long been known for their youthful appearance and their soft skin. However, honey is not as popular on the island where people forget to die, so we felt there had to be something else as well. Find out below what it is.

Our four staple ingredients are included in all of our skin care products. We have created all natural raw honey based lip balm, night cream, face and eye serum, moisturizing body cream, face and eye cream and facial masks. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and people are truly noticing the difference these four key ingredients make to their skin. One of our customers recently stated:

"I'm so happy that I found this product, I'm 43 years old and was looking for a good organic facial cream for a long time. This one is a keeper for sure! I put on my face every night and mornings my skin looks radiant. You don't need to put a large amount on, just a small dime size will do. It moisturize my skin perfectly, and I really like the smell of it. Great cream, and a very reasonable price!"

So let's take a look in greater detail at the powerful ingredients contained in our BeeFriendly skin care products.

Raw Honey

Honey has been part of human life since times began. Not only does it taste wonderful, it has fantastic health benefits as well. It is full of vitamins and minerals and it contains various antioxidants as well. Furthermore, it is antimicrobial and an antibiotic. Best of all, it never rots! The benefits honey has for your skin and the inside of your body are countless.


Beeswax is also a natural antibiotic. Additionally, it heals your body from the inside out. Your skin will easily absorb beeswax and allow it to travel all over your body. As such, when you use our BeeFriendly products, you will actually improve more than just your skin, feeling the benefits all over your body.


Propolis is another natural product created by bees. It is antibacterial and has very strong antioxidant. Indeed, it is believed to even help in the prevention of cancer.

Olive Oil

The real secret ingredient from the island where people forget to die, however, is olive oil. The oil we use in our products is extra virgin and fresh pressed, which is very different from the olive oil you would use for cooking. Scientists have found that it is the consumption of this olive oil that seems to give people on the island eternal life and the benefits you will notice to your skin are truly amazing.

Our products are incredibly easy to use as well. Simply apply to your skin and you will notice the results almost instantly. Our ingredients are 100% organic and all natural. If you wanted to, you could literally eat them and still notice the benefits as well. However, we recommend you simply apply it to your skin and watch the miracle ingredients get to work. Allow Mother Nature's most powerful natural products to truly transform your life and take years off your skin.

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